Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Another day of challenges

Today I am in a state of "spring cleaning"...though spring is weeks away. Ok MONTHS it seems! We still have over three feet of snow burying our yard & a good foot or more on the roof. But that isn't stopping me. I figure a bit of good ole fashioned cleaning inside will do me wonders!

We've changed the heating system a bit this winter. Converting over to porcelain tile, wall mounted LP heating units. The house seems warmer & considering the outside temp is well below zero at night, I know its not my imagination.

The future library/guest bedroom is coming along. We've gotten the stud wall put in, replacing the previous wall that a previous occupant removed. Hoping to wire the area this weekend.

The ice & snow is making running havic on my plans. I seem to spend much of my time monitoring the ice pack on the back porch area to make sure its not creating any damage. I'm glad I didn't replace the rain gutters yet, as the current ones are being pulled right off from the building due to the slowly moving ice sheet that is on the roof. Luckily we had planned on ripping them off come spring & replacing the patch work rain gutter system with a seamless gutter & heating-cable system. This winter proves the cable heating system is a definite need if you are going to have lower pitched roofs in this area.

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