Sunday, May 16, 2010

A little closer to completion

Well, spring is upon us & so now we find outselves trying to be both inside remodeling & outside working in the yard during the short warm season of South Dakota.

The library (ie guest room) is basically finished. All the mudding is finished & the sanding on the walls is complete. Now we just have to add the trim & build the book shelves.

The next room to be worked is the walk-in closet which already has had the old plaster as well as the old window removed & new sheet rock installed. The room is already looking much smoother in its design & we are excited to see it finally complete.

We've also taken a break in the spring rains to install the new french exterior doors in the blue gallery. Hopefully having it in early means I will have plenty of time to landscape the yard just outside, giving the "secret garden" some nice touches so that it compliments the overall affect of the space.

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