Monday, October 11, 2010

Preparing for Fall

As fall is upon us, I'm working to weatherize the house. For those not familiar with weatherization in northern climates, it can be a time consuming issue as NATURE Rules here in "north country" and having Jack Frost INSIDE your home sucks!

So since I have yet to install the newly scrounged windows we're depending on the good ole PLASTIC method!

I've already hung plastic on the inside Bay window, and placed all my patio/house plants into their winter bay area.

I've added expanding foam to the edge of the french doors which we installed on the east side of the house, that provides entrance into the sculpture garden. Hopefully this will help decrease heat loss this winter. I'm also preparing to have the french doors sealed off with Patio Door weatherization kit, if I find that the winter cold seeps in around the edge of the doors. I want a WARM living space!

I still have to install the exterior plastic on the north windows, but that will be only a day long project. I've got the lathe, nails & plastic sheeting ready and just need to take a day (with a handy observer for safety) and get it done before the end of October!

The upstairs hall way window has a "storm window" that was salvaged as an Interior dead air space, on the old window. It adds needed dead air space & I'm hoping it will deter the drafts that occur at that old sash window.

We've managed this summer to reclaim numerous windows that will be able to be used as replacements for the old sash windows throughout the Gallery house, especially those facing south, upstairs.

Its our goal to increase the number of south facing windows so as to increase the potential for passive solar heating benefits. So with all the windows I was able to reclaim this summer, we should have enough for that purpose. It will simply require we wait until next summer for the construction process, which requires we open up the side of the house to the elements for a day or so, as the new window spaces are created.

So for now that portion of the remodel waits for the warmth of spring & summer. For now, we focus on the arctic cold that will be upon us sooner than we'd like.

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