Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Winter projects

With winter upon us, the work continues, but weather controls what can be done & when (as is often the case in the area). The main concern is the weatherization of the house which is a continuing process as products improve or change. The house's walls have blown insulation behind the old lathe and plaster walls. So as we remove the old plaster we are working to keep the lathe in place so as to keep the loose insulation in place.

However, when the previous owners blew insulation into the walls the primary zone, the attic, was never insulated. Thus there is a need to determine how best to insulate the original roof of the original building, cacooned inside the attic of the gallery house. The issue is the pitch of the original roof with its original cedar shingles still in place, makes traditional insulating slightly more of a challenge.

Additional to this we have to replace windows which are the original small paned windows built on site by carpenters over 80 years ago.

With the addition of the privacy fence, we also find ourselves evaluating the winter winds & snow/drifting patterns around the house.

We've already found that the enclosed back "hall" that was built along the back porch area last year, and closed off with storm doors, has drastically changed the drafts into the house.

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