Thursday, July 8, 2010

Secret Garden landscaping & hardscaping

Well today I work on the hardscape of the "Secret Garden" sculpture garden. Come mosquitoes or rain the hardscaping needs to be installed. So I've got myself a can of 40% deet repellant for myself and figure the rain can't hurt me. So hopefully I can get the paving stones in place and the trellis walls installed.

My frugal hunt for paving materials has paid off. I was able to get over 200 paving stones for free, thanks to our local They will work well to start the paved path that will run through the sculpture garden.

I've got also some ceramic tiles previously from the local freecycle, which will be used in one area to make an accented bistro area that is distinct in its "flooring" pattern from the other areas.

I've been decorating the secret garden with outdoor "decor" to make it a space that is more like an indoor space, then an outdoor space.

I planted shade loving plants along the parameter of the space to give it more appeal visually as well. I want to create a secure area that can be accessed from the Blue Gallery, that will allow customers an opportunity to see sculptures in a garden space, yet keep the space separate from our private yard.

The secret garden approach appears to be accomplishing that task nicely.

The most challenging part is having it so that sculptures aren't all viewed from one spot in the narrow space. I'm trying to determine how I can make hidden niches without the use of low cost lattice work. I'm considering using some concrete Niche techniques where I build niches here and there using concrete block and other natural materials. But that will be for another day. Right now, I'm just working to get the parameter walls put into place and the primary paved "floor" into place.

Hoping this will improve the appearance several times over, from the current old wire fence overgrown with vine and the view of the neighbor's kitchen wall.

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