Tuesday, February 28, 2012

What do you do with Rain - Ice and Gray Skies?

Well today wasn't a day to work outside or to work on exterior walls in the inside (due to their temperatures making it unsuited for painting). So we focused on painting interior walls and doing some brain storming and planning.

We think we finally figured out a plausible layout for a force air furnace system's duct work for the Gallery house.

We won't be using the typical force air furnace, but rather a bio-mass/corn furnace that can burn various products including wood pellets, corn, cherry pits, almond shells and more.

Our problem had been the location of the furnace since the dirt floor root cellar under the Gallery building is (1) dirt floor (2) already called for by me for food storage!

So we needed to find another location for the furnace. The logical choice was the room we call the "white room". Yes, I've named my rooms based on colors! The White room is a large angle ceiling'd room with a sloping roof suited for placement of the stove pipe and is directly against the Blue Gallery, which is one of two rooms that will house the art gallery. So the next issue was how to bring in the furnace duct work without making an ugly eye sore. The solution of course is place the duct work into the ceiling so that its not visible. That won't be a problem for the kitchen ceiling as its ceiling is already removed. However, we still have to remove the wanescotting in the blue gallery that is on the ceiling and the original ceiling material, that is likely behind it.

Once that is done we hope we will have few major construction or destruction requirements to mount the duct work.

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