Monday, May 14, 2012


Tearing out the old appliances and old built-in range island and built-in cabinet stove unit, as we prepare to update the kitchen of the gallery. With the removal of the cabinets we finally can tear out the last of the 1970s elevated flooring that was made from poor quality chipboard, which was breaking apart and was a haven for bugs due to the micro-crawl space that was created.
Once the false floor is ripped out, we plan on leveling the original flooring and placing floor tiles over the original wood flooring. The cabinets to the right, in the above photo are staying in place. They are the only cabinets we're keeping in the kitchen. We plan on organizing a U shaped kitchen once the current bathroom is shifted over to the new space on the other side of the building. This will eliminate numerous winter pipe freezing issues and also make accessing the laundry area much easier. Currently the laundry space was put out on the unheated porch, which then had to be heated with expensive electric heaters. By relocating all the plumbing for the bathroom and the laundry to the downstairs room across from the current bathroom, we will be able to properly insulate the pipes and also get all the water-based appliances into the main portion of the house. Hopefully eliminating all the cold showers! We've made temporary repairs on the old bathroom flooring, so as to eliminate the threat of the toilet (and who ever might be sitting on it) from falling through the rotting floor boards. This crisis evolved due to the fact that the toilet was placed directly onto the old wood porch flooring boards. No moister protection was put in place. The result was a slow deterioration of the floor boards. Finally we simply had to shut down the building and shut off the plumbing until we had time to make the necessary alterations to the bathroom flooring. While its current repair may not look pretty, it now permits us once again to be working on the remodeling, without having to walk half a block back to the family house to use the facilities. So progress is taking place.

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