Sunday, October 18, 2009

Curb appeal

Flower Boxes:

Its been my goal to build flower boxes & hang them from the 8 front windows. I'm not seeking to have live flowers in the boxes, but rather to utilize some of the reclaimed cloth flowers I can obtain from friends & perhaps Freecycle.

I used cloth flowers & vines in my hanging wire basket arrangements that I have hanging on the front porch posts & it is these arrangements that inspired me to create the window boxes.

I've enjoyed how they have worked over the last two seasons. Lasting far longer than live would & fading far slower than I expected. The nice aspect of the window boxes is that I can take the most faded flowers from the lower boxes & baskets which are nearer to the public view & move them up into the second story boxes as filler, long before they have to be discarded completely.

So, with this concept I began building this summer a couple of flower boxes to test. I took the scrap wood from an old privacy fense & cut them to the desired length with a circular saw. I nailed the box together & secured a plastic screening on the bottom of each box, then re-enforced the bottom with lathe strips.

I mounted the two completed flower boxes on the outside second story windows & filled them with straw, then the flowers.

Its my intention to see how the flower boxes & flowers handle the winter winds, as well as ice & snow coming off the roof. If they are successful, I will finish building the other 6 boxes & mounting them as well.

I wasn't sure that I'd have a chance to mount them before winter, but we had a dry day just in time for me to get out & climb the ladder & mount the boxes. While it will look sorta strange to some, to see flowers "blooming" in the dead of winter... for me the importance of determining the viability of my design makes the situation worth it.

I'm hoping to be able to change the colors & theme of the boxes as the seasons progress, with Spring, Summer, Fall & Winter decoration themes. Time will tell.

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