Saturday, October 17, 2009

Thermal Drapes

Well I just recieved & installed my new thermal drapes for the Red Gallery & the Blue Gallery, which I ordered from Seventh Avenue.

I chose the bordeaux for the Red Gallery, and a previously available blue colored thermal drape for the Blue Gallery. With the economical price of $20.99 the price made it a good purchase.

Already we notice a temperature improvement inside the building which can only be attributed to the thermal curtains since the outside temperature had been hovering at the approximate same temperture for days.

With the warming temperatures outside today, we found it necessary to open up the drapes and allow for the escape of some of the heat trapped by the thermal drapes.

I would strongly recommend thermal drapes to everyone who is trying to save energy & thus money in their heating bills, whether they live in an apartment or a home. I like the linen like look of the drapes as well. DUring the day, I will be able to have attractive upscale sheers showing from behind the drapes, allowing much wanted winter light in and maintaining privay. The sheers have yet to be found that fit the needs of the gallery.

I want something that suits a contemporary setting & yet provides us with easy maintenance when it comes to laundering and looks good in all the windows since the sheers will be the same in both the Blue Gallery & the Red Gallery.

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