Friday, October 16, 2009

The Old Hotel

Today begins the record of our little endeavor on Main Street, Bushnell, South Dakota.

It started a couple years back, when a neighbor indicated he was going to put the old hotel he owned, on Main street, up for sale. The building was built in the 1840s, originally as a stage coach stop & was located in Fountain, South Dakota about 10 miles to the northwest of where it now sits. But within a few years, it was determined that the railroad wasn't going to go through Fountain, but through Bushnell. So the owner of the building moved the structure, using horses and wagon to Bushnell & placed it where it now sits.

Since that early time, the building has experienced many renovations & additions. One of the most dramatic was the cacoon-ment of the original building, when an addition was added to the old building & it was doubled in size. The original shingle roof of the first structure can still be found in the attic, intact.

Later the building existed as the area hotel & later still as a cafe. Then later still it functioned as a rental home for the local potter's apprentice.

Then we purchased it with the dream of establishing a sculpture gallery & garden.

So the remodel begins.

Not only are we dealing with a desperately needed interior remodel. The exterior of the building & even the yard & old one car garage desperately need an over haul.

This blog is my attempt to share with friends & family our endeavors & the small discoveries a remodeling project like this provides.

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  1. Well this is so interesting, I do hope i get a chance to visit Bushnell next year and see the hotel and museum.. sr Khadijah Rivera


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