Monday, October 26, 2009

The painting of Brick

I finally did it!

I finally committed myself to painting the red brick wall in the kitchen white. My reasoning was simple. I need more light to reflect in the room, not be absorbed by the red brick wall.

The paint I picked up at the Habitat ReStore in Brookings. Its new cans of paint donated by a local store to the ReStore. It has a very low vapor level which is making it ideal for my fall painting project in the kitchen.

An added bonus to the light reflective quality of the painted wall is that my copper collection, which hangs on the wall stands out more now & so the white background emphasizes the details of the pots & pans & molds that are displayed there.

The kitchen's brick wall

wasn't the only surface needing a coat of white paint though. The cabinets in the kitchen were dark brown wood stain. While I managed last summer to get the upper cabinets on the west wall painted, I still have to paint the cabinets above & below the built-in ovens & the cabinets at the island.

Also I'm looking at painting the dark paneled south wall of the kitchen & the yellow paneled north wall that sits on either side of the now white brick segment.

What to do with the ceiling tiles is another matter all together. One that will have to wait until next spring so as to allow us to open up the house so we have good ventilation as we pull down the tiles & have the certain cascading of decades of dust that is sure to be collected above the tiles.

Its one of the challenges of my remodeling project. As an asthmatic, I have to always be vigil about the production of dust & recognize that too much will cause me to become unconscience regardless of where in my project I am at. So since we live in the house, while at the same time I'm remodeling piece by piece the various spaces within it. My need for low dust production is critical.

But progress is being made. Piece by piece we see improvements.

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